Deer Hunting Bulletin

The Schuetzen Park Historic Site is a privately held nature preserve. Hunting, trapping or harassment of wildlife is not tolerated. Schuetzen Park is not a part of the City of Davenport Park and Recreation Department. This site is not a participant in the City’s Deer Management Program. We do not give permission for anyone to hunt Deer, or any other wildlife, within the limits of the Park. We encourage neighbors and visitors to Schuetzen Park to report suspicious activity to the Davenport Police Department at 326-7979. Our only aim is to protect from harm those who use the park for peaceful recreation. Any hunting equipment such as deer stand, blinds, etc., found within the Park will be confiscated and disposed of. Persons found within the Park limits in violation of this policy will be reported to the authorities and will be subject to trespassing and weapons violations charges.

mushroom No matter how tempting, we do not give permission for the harvesting of Morel mushrooms found within the Park. Non-allowed over harvesting of the Morel has lead to a steep decline in the number of mushrooms within the Park over the past few years. The Park’s status as a “nature preserve” indicates it is a place for these species to thrive and multiply. Please respect this site by not picking anything growing in the Park.