Schuetzenpark Stiftung

The Schuetzenpark Stiftung is an endowment of funds set aside to ensure the future of Schuetzen Park. These funds are managed by the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend and will only be accessed in times of great need. The Schuetzenpark Gilde contributes 5% of all general donations recieved throughout the year to this fund, and it also places 100% of all funds designated for the Stiftung into the endowment. At some future point, revenue generated from this fund could be used for projects within the Park, however, at this point, any revenue generated is being reinvested into the Stiftung. If you wish to contribute to the endowment in any form, you may do so online or by contacting us through the "Contact" page of this website, or, you may contact the Communtiy Foundation of the Great River Bend directly at 563-326-2840
Community Foundation - Great River Bend