Paranormal Activity at the Park?

Paranormal Activity

On May 23, 2008, six members of the Paranormal investigation group NIXPART, a subdivision of IPART investigated Schuetzen Park upon request. The group was informed that there were reports of sounds resembling the sounds of roller coaster rails and screaming riders. Members of NIXPART researched the history of the area and did a walk through prior to the investigation.

The investigators met at the shelter in the park the night of the investigation at 7:30. Reports and history were discussed, equipment was assembled and the investigation plan was discussed. The group then divided into groups of two, with one group remaining in the street car station to archive activity and the other two groups were sent into the wooded area along the trail. The group used audio and photographic means of collecting evidence.

Soon after the investigation started, sounds of traffic and wildlife were heard all around us. What we heard as birds and possibly coyote could easily been mistaken for human cries, and the wind, traffic and train noises could account for what may have been heard as a roller coaster. Visually, it was a good night to see deer, as each of our groups encountered a pair at least once during the night. Some members reported seeing ‘sparkles’, this could be due to the high amount of humidity in the air that night as we experienced steam as the temperatures rose. It could also have been reflections of nearby traffic and building lighting. The teams switched places during the investigation for different viewpoints.

The group concluded that the sounds that were reported could be debunked by nature and traffic, and could not conclusively report any paranormal phenomena. However, the members of NIXPART enjoyed the opportunity to investigate a piece of historical land such as this and appreciated being asked to help. NIXPART/ “IPART” is a TAPS family Member, that is a affiliate of the SCI-FI television show “Ghost Hunters”.